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About Us

"In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert's there are few." - Shunryu Suzuki


Yoga Privates was founded by reknowned, holistic health coach Monica Proctor to meet the demand for reliable and high quality private yoga classes. With so many yoga qualifications it is hard to tell whether you will be taught by an experienced teacher who knows what they are doing and have taken the time to think about a tailor-made class for you.


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At Yoga Privates we work closely with instructors that:


This ensures you receive an optimum class at a reasonable price in a fun and caring atmosphere.

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Our Mission is to provide a nurturing atmosphere for people of all levels to grow and learn through the practice of Yoga. We strive to support and encourage our students with compassion and humor. And finally, to demonstrate that with steadfast honest hard work of a consistent Yoga practice, unification of the body, mind and spirit will manifest in perfect health.

Our mandate is to build a nurturing yoga practice where our students can dedicate time for themselves and discover their limitless potential. A place that challenges the mind, heals the body, and strengthens ones spirit manifesting in health and happiness.

Our Values are humour, gratitude, compassion, respect, ethics, professionalism and lifelong learning.


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Our work would be unfinished without the service to the community. Yoga Privates strives to work with non-profits and communities to raise funds to support their missions.



Special thanks to our clothes sponsor, Lululemon Athletica.