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Corporate and Desk

Corporate and desk yoga can be arranged one-to-one with CEOs, employees at their desk and for groups in departments, cross-functional teams and for special corporate events.


This yoga can be performed in the office or at any location requested by the client. For example, before a full day’s training, the corporate team can meet at the beach or conference room for an energizing yoga practice to jump start the day.

Providing yoga to employees is a great corporate social responsibility tool and is an activity with a measurable return on investment, including these benefits. Clients include PepsiCo, American Express, Blackrock, Dairy Farm and HSBC. 





Desk yoga
In terms of space requirements for companies with little space, yoga can be performed in the boardroom, office room, desk or cubicle, where classes can be performed in chairs, around a table, and in standing poses without mats. All poses can be modified to suit the office area. Participants are welcome to wear their work clothes. Mats are not necessary.


Corporate Yoga
Another popular format is to perform a multi-level yoga class that includes more active postures than desk yoga. Practitioners can change into comfortable clothes. Mats are recommended. Such classes can be carried out in the lobby, conference and office rooms provided by the company.


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