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Why Yoga Privates?

1) Your Needs Come First
We talk about your goals and how to achieve them before your class.

2) Unique Teachers and Classes
We provide a fully qualified, experienced, fun and caring teacher. Our team has carefully designed your class to provide you with an optimum experience.

3) Anytime, Anywhere
Ease into practice in the comfort of your home or experience nature outdoors. We come to you at a time and place that suits you.

4) Safe Techniques and Alignment
In today’s crowded studios, teachers simply cannot assist all students and prevent potential injuries. We provide you with safe techniques to build correct alignment and establish well-being.

5) Our Philosophy
Yoga Privates is founded on the principles of yoga. We embrace these values in every aspect of our functioning. Our work is a way of life. We focus on one client at a time, so you can experience joy in every pose and breadth.